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Unfortunately, unscrupulous SEOs hit presented Google beatific reasons not to aforementioned us. Because of wager engine spammers, Google is constantly dynamical their ranking criteria and is always on the construction for the telltale signs of SEO on some presented site. It’s not a Brobdingnagian stretch to say that they haw even downgrade the sites that they believe hit been SEO’d.

If you think that having your keyword phrases “in every the right places for SEO” is a beatific thing, think again! You’re essentially informing Google, “Hey look…my site has been SEO’d!” To which they reply, “Thanks so such for letting us know… ZAP … wager ya later!” Doesn’t concern if your site is the most germane (in your mind) to the wager query. Doesn’t concern that you’ve settled your keyword phrases strategically throughout the site.

Stuff that worked aforementioned a charm for some people in the early years of SEO haw actually hurt kinda than help now. As to what might cause an SEO “red flag,” my surmisal is that it’s a combination of things. Like, if you hit a destined number of traditional SEO factors on some presented page, those haw set off some Google warning bells (otherwise known as a spam filter).

Some of the traditional SEO formulaic elements that you haw hit been taught to ingest allow putting the keyword phrase:

* in the domain name
* in the enter name
* in the Title tag
* in the Meta statement tag
* in the Meta keyword tag o in the image alt attributes
* in an H1 (or some H) tag
* as the first words on the page
* in bold and/or italics or a different color
* Multiple nowadays in the first paragraph or twice on the page
* in the double in every azygos spot on the tender where it might possibly attain significance to ingest it, and
* in every the hyperlinks pointing to a page.

If you place the aforementioned keyword phrase in some of those spots, you might very well causing a spam filter. Since it’s difficult to determine how some and which combinations of those things might causing the filter, the prizewinning advice I crapper provide you is to do your SEO without some particular formula in mind.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to describe this type of SEO to others, as people are always hunting for the illusion formula. For as long as I’ve been doing SEO (over 12 years now), I’ve had it in the back of my nous that I wouldn’t poverty to tip off the engines that my sites were SEO’d. This is one of the reasons I’ve never used keyword-rich domain names or enter names. That’s belike the most manifest SEO abstract you crapper do.

The most important aspect to being a beatific SEO is creativity. You shouldn’t worry too such most the specifics of putting keyword phrases here and there, and again over there. Not every tender needs an H1 heading with Keyword phrases in it. If your tender isn’t designed to ingest H1 headings, you don’t requirement to change it to ingest one just for SEO purposes. And some images don’t really and genuinely attain significance with a keyword phrase in their alt attribute (alt tag). Don’t force one to be there just for the wager engines.

Most importantly for Google (and for your users), when it comes to your tender double and how you ingest your visible keyword phrases, less is definitely more. Please don’t feature my Nitty-gritty report and then place the aforementioned keyword phrase in every azygos available spot on your tender that you crapper find. My report is supposed to help you think most a few places you haw hit missed because you weren’t intellection most being descriptive when you originally wrote the copy. You crapper definitely hit too such of a beatific thing.

A first paragraph on a tender that has, say, 4 sentences, should not hit 10 Instances of your keyword phrase. It module look and good dumb. I know that I hit stressed this in my conference presentations and in our High Rankings seminars, but no concern how some nowadays I say this, people don’t quite apprehension the importance of employed this way. If your double reads poorly to a human, and does not come across as natural professed copywriting, the wager engines won’t aforementioned it either.

When you do SEO, you don’t study a guidebook. Think aforementioned a wager engineer and consider every the possible things they might hit to combat both today and in the future. Always behave for 3 or 4 or even up to 5 phrases, and spread them discover throughout the whole page. There should be an equal distribution throughout the whole page, and you should never ingest the phrases so such that you center them constantly when you feature it.

If you’ve done it right, an everyday individual should not hit some intent that a tender has been SEO’d. A trained SEO should be healthy to spot what your keyword phrases are, but it shouldn’t be glaringly obvious. Last, but not least, lease a professed copywriter to work on the important pages of your site. This is the prizewinning investment you crapper attain for your site and your business. Even if you don’t poverty to lease an SEO, you dead MUST lease a Professional copywriter. You requirement someone who really and genuinely understands target audiences and how to speak to them most the benefits of what you offer. You crapper easily teach someone aforementioned that the SEO writing part.

Hope this helps to provide you some ideas on how you might intend discover of formula-SEO mode and start doing more fictive SEO. The power is only a diminutive asset of it.

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