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By: tomhenrry
Upcoming movie, “Wild Horse Wild Ride,” is a documentary about a group of people as they get ready for a horsemanship competition. The core of the movie picture is about the relationships between the “horse whisperers” and the young horses they train in one hundred days. This new movie just had its premiere at the Palm Springs festival. It’s a heartwarming movie clip and movie reviews show that it could be very successful at the box office.

This is documentary filmmakers Greg Gricus and Alex Dawson’s, a husband and wife team, first movie. It’s all about the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge. The big debate around the United States policy behind the event isn’t mentioned. For years and years, the country’s population of wild horses has been corralled by the Bureau of Land Management with the intention of finding homes for them. The challenge offers 100 of these horses a better shot at getting adopted. It pairs each horse with a wrangler who must show how smart, talented, and friendly the mustang can be. There are also smaller events of this kind scattered around the country.

Whether you think the roundups are a good thing or you don’t, you won’t find people anywhere who care more for these mustangs. The filmmakers chose a couple of these people from the group who were in the 2009 challenge. It includes nine people - from a Navajo father and son, to a married couple, to two brothers from New Hampshire who have been homeschooled. No matter who they are, these contestants are united in their love for horses.

When the three months are over the contestants get to bid on their horses and it’s heartbreaking to watch as some of them are outbid by other bidders in the public auction that ensues.

At the end of the movie, emotions are high. One big twist is a famous bidder. The best surprise of the movie is a man from Texas named Saint Jo. He’s in his sixties and is full of country jokes and has a wonderful drawl. He’s looking for a big horse but ends up with a tiny little outlaw horse named Waylon. This horse is trying to Saint Jo’s patience but still manages to change his life forever.

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