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By: Amit Kothiyal
In today’s life style obesity is not only associated with adults but also with children. Child obesity is increasing day by day and nowadays billions of children are suffering from obesity problems. Obesity in children may be causes of many health related problems after some times when children become adult. Now obesity is the prime causes of Pediatric Hypertension and Coronary heart problem.

Childhood Obesity Facts: Today childhood obesity is one of the widespread problem that is directly associated with health condition of children. It negatively influenced the children’s life and there is always a chance for children to acquire many health related problems. In addition to acquiring health related problems child can develop some social or emotional problems that can negatively affect his or her healthy and happy life and can be causes of depression.

Consequences of childhood obesity-

1-)Childhood obesity may be causes of diabetes.

2-)Child obesity may be causes of high level of cholesterol and high blood pressure, and it may be one of the prime causes of heart diseases.

3-)Sleep Apnea (interruption of breath while sleeping) is considered as the most severe problem faced by obese children.

4-)Children suffering from obesity problems are on higher risk of developing, liver diseases, orthopedic problems and asthma etc.

Tips to maintain healthy weight in children-

Parent can maintain healthy weight in their children by applying the following tips-

a-)Don’t remind children about his or her obesity and provide him or her encouragement and love.

b-)Involve in exercise with your children and make it habit with children. Also motivate your children in undertake activities like walking, jogging, swimming instead of watching TV or playing video games.

c-)Prepare a diet chart with help of dietitian and follow it strictly with children.

d-)Choose activities that are easy, enjoyable and are good for children’s fitness.

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