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By: erikaodtuhan
The age of herbal products has begun. Every local grocery store has herbal products that range from skin care to health care. You name it-lip balms, lotions, soaps, salves, supplements and teas, they have it. Herbal products are safe to use that is why they are popular among customers.

If you try using herbal shampoo and develop an itch, you can easily stop using it, as the particular herb may not be working for you. The same goes with salves, lotion and soaps. Unless you are allergic to these herbs, they pretty much are effective remedies for skin problems.

Ingesting Herbal medicines are, however, a different case.

Here are some things you should do before ingesting herbal products:

- Do more research when you plan on using herbal supplements, tinctures or alcoholic extracts, teas and other products. You should not just rely on what pamphlets or sales articles say.

Read science books to learn what herbs can and cannot do for you. You should not depend on a supplement just because it promises to cure you without having to undergo complex medical procedures. Remember that while most of them can provide temporary relief, most of these bottles still have a line that says, "This product has no therapeutic claims".

There are many related literature found on the internet that can shed light on herbal products and its effects. If you really want to make sure the products you are planning to use are as effective as they say, try looking for a local herbalist in your area. Their knowledge and skill can help you decide if taking this herbal product is worth your money or not.

- Consult your doctor! Before taking any herbal medicines, you should take some time off and see your doctor. Make sure the medicine you are going to take will not interact negatively with other medications. Also, make sure you know what the herbs in your supplement are for.

Remember that some herbs will cause your blood to thin and other herbs will thicken them. If you need blood thinners to help you with an existing health problem, adding an herbal product without the recommendation of your doctor can either worsen your problem or control it.

- If you are taking herbal medicines to address an illness, you might want to be certain about your diagnosis. Make sure you get a product that can address your eyes, if you have eye problems. Ask the manufacturer about the product and do not hesitate to voice out your concerns. It would even be better if they can answer your questions confidently because this shows that their product might really be effective.

- Follow the exact dosages. More herbal medicines do not guarantee success. Large quantities may have negative side effects just like an overdose of pharmaceutical drugs.

Remember that herbal products and medicines can be used to treat an existing illness. You can choose the best products if you know how those herbs work and if you have found a good company manufacturing them. Make sure that you follow the directions placed on the bottle. Use in right dosages and read the label well.

Erika Odtuhan is an engineer who is looking for good herbal products and herbal medicines for sore throat.

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