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By: ErikaOdtuhan
Technology is evolving very rapidly and everyone is getting the latest gadgets to keep up. BlackBerry units are popular mobile phones among corporate executives and young professionals. These smartphones are made to function as portable media players internet browsers, digital assistants, gaming devices, plus much more. Even so, a lot of people who have this unit still struggle with configurations like how to unlock BlackBerry Bold.

Today, having a BlackBerry unlock code is no longer hard. There are many online service providers providing customer assistance. They help customers to know the settings of their units.

Online service providers offer BlackBerry unlocking service with a fast turnaround time. These service providers show the customer's code on their "thank you" page and email the unlocking code within one to five minutes of the purchase. Some even have product warranty if the providers are not able to unlock the customer's unit.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about unlocking BlackBerry units:

-What models of BlackBerry can be unlocked?

Online service providers unlock all BlackBerry models with an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. To get your IMEI, type *#06# in your BlackBerry unit.

Listed here are Blackberry units that you can have unlocked:

-Blackberry Torch

-Blackberry Bold

-Blackberry Tour

-Blackberry Curve

-Blackberry Storm

-Blackberry Pearl

-Why should customers unlock their phone?

Unlocking the BlackBerry unit won't alter the reception or prolong battery life. It will, however, provide the customers the ability to use their phone using any GSM carrier. If customers go on trips, they can buy a local SIM and prevent huge roaming charges. By learning how to unlock BlackBerry, people will increase the resale value of their unit.

- Is it safe to unlock your phone?

Unlocking BlackBerry phones is not going to void the warranty nor jeopardize the unit.

-Why do I keep getting a code error when I unlock my phone?

Below are a few possibilities why people are having a hard time unlocking their Blackberry:

- The customer might have presented the wrong information to the service provider. Make sure that you have the correct IMEI number, country, and MEP.

- Customer could have entered the unlock code incorrectly.

- Customer could possibly have used up the allowed number of attempts in entering the unlock code. When this occurs, the BlackBerry is hardlocked to the original network provider. The unit cannot be locked with IMEI alone.

If the customers sense that they've done everything properly, they need to provide their phones' MEP to the service provider. They can find their MEP through the webpage of their service provider.

How to get BlackBerry unlock code:

All customers need to do is locate a reliable online service provider offering up BlackBerry unlocking services. When they find the best one, they could fill in the online information form. After achieving this, they could get their unlock code in their e-mail inbox in a matter of five minutes or even less. The customer may now use the code to unlock his unit.

The moment the customer unlocks their phone, they can now use their BlackBerry on any GSM network. They are able to save money on roaming fees and enhance the resale value of their phone should they elect to sell it. They will likewise have freedom to switch carriers without needing to find a new phone.

Erika Odtuhan is an IT specialist who knows how to get blackberry unlock code in addition to how to unlock blackberry bold. For more details, visit

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