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By: erikaodtuhan
You have probably heard about Prince Charles of Whales installing artificial grass in his garage a few years ago. He did that to protect his Range Rover's bio-diesel from freezing temperature. Even the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), along with other sports organizations advocates the use of artificial turfs. For the past few years, there was an increase in demand of fake grass. In Perth, for example, more and more homeowners prefer synthetic grass for their lawns.

So why do many people prefer artificial grass? The following are some advantages of using artificial grass.

More savings

Using fake grass helps owners save time and money. Lawns with synthetic grass and plants do not require watering. This means great savings in terms of water bills. This can help save precious water sources, especially today when the continuous rise of temperature has taken its toll on the earth's water supply. This also means there's no need for filling up dead patches of grass or buying watering equipment such as hosepipes and sprinklers.

Environment friendly

You do not need to buy pesticides or to spend money on mowing when you have fake grass. People know how artificial grass help preserving the environment. Pesticides and fertilizers can be harmful to the health and may cause air pollution. It may also cause water pollution once the water carrying chemicals reaches the sewage drains and other bodies of water. Lawn mowers that use gas emit carbon that is also harmful to the environment.

Convenience in homes

Using artificial turf saves homeowners from dealing with muddy shoe and dog paw prints on the floors of their homes. You will never have to worry about your dog digging up the soil and messing up the lawn as well. Fake grass also provides owners with green lawns all year round. This means no more dull-looking lawns during summertime when the grass usually turns ugly.

Non-lawn installation

These synthetic plants are also ideal in landscaping city parks, gardens, and play areas. They look like natural grass and provide almost the same green, cool atmosphere for such places.

You may also install synthetic grass in areas where natural grass is not a practical option. Artificial grass is also useful as ground cover on the "splash back" areas around your swimming pool. It prevents having muddy areas around the pool that cause dust and dirt on the water. People also use it on roof gardens, shopping centers, or display areas. It is also useful on television, stage, and film sets.

Companies selling such products recommend homeowners to choose carefully. They suggest comparing prices before making a decision. These companies also advise buyers not to settle for incredibly affordable fake grass prices as this may lead to getting sub-standard grass. It is also wise to obtain samples before purchasing.

You may also check other types of artificial plants. Perth companies offer a wide variety of synthetic grasses and plants perfect for your lawn or garden. You may check online to start your search for a good supplier.

Erika Odtuhan is a homeowner comparing fake grass prices while looking for available fake grass options.

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