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Not only should you allow how such the send module cost, but also how such module be invoiced and when. I strongly recommend requiring a deposit of between 30 and 50% of the total send fee. This module insure that the computer is serious, and module give you some cash to go ahead.

If you module be doing things same buying the domains or setting up hosting service, be trusty to get those costs into the contract. Include both how such they module cost, and when the money is cod from the client. I recommend getting the money up front for assist fees, and in fact, it's best to set up the accounts in their name with their credit card information so that you are not billed for their domain in a year.

Finally, don't block to specify how you poverty to be paid. Most of the time you won't hit to specify what currency, but you should at least define whether checks are okay or whether you'd same to receive payments to your PayPal account. You should also allow what penalties (if any) module be assessed if payments are New or checks bounce.

Most clients module poverty to attain some changes. If you allow the sort of revisions you're willing to do in your contract, you won't be cragfast in a never-ending spiral of revising. Another artefact to handle revisions is to wage a date by which time every requested revisions must be submitted. For instance, if you complete the first draft, you could tell your computer that they hit 5 playing life to wage feedback and revisions. But you should also allow how some of these revision nowadays you'll provide.
Copyrights and Source Files

Your lessen should always specify who owns the copyright for every content, designs, graphics, multimedia and programs. If you are providing a program that uses source files, your lessen should allow who owns the rights to those source files at the end of the project. This includes:

* images - especially modified images in programs same Photoshop
* multimedia - such as Flash
* programs and scripts
* the website design itself
* some noesis you indite for the site


Along with the rights to the files, you should specify in your lessen how you module be credited (if at all) for the impact on their website. Some designers get every their playing from word-of-mouth and having a diminutive link on a well-designed site crapper be a huge boost for your business. You should specify:

* Where the credit module be displayed
* How you module be credited
* Whether a link to your playing site is included
* How long it should remain on the site
* And what things you are credited for - especially if you created things same Flash, photos, or noesis for the site

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